The Karachi Research Chair program aims to stand at the center of national research and to make Greenwich University one of Pakistan’s leading institutions of research and development on urban issues. The Karachi Chair at the Greenwich University will promote research excellence and the application of latest research methods to identify and address concerns ranging from health, education, migration to cultural/ ethnic problems in the city.

The Chair’s vision is to develop and institute research and programs that will provide the maximum possible benefit for policy makers and administrators in Karachi in order to alleviate serious deficiencies and narrow the gap between demand and delivery of services in Karachi.

The Chair will realize this vision by initiating and supporting original and exceptional research related to the socioeconomic, cultural, and historical issues in the City of Karachi; and by conducting studies to identify and develop appropriate strategies and methods to adapt them for the particular application within the city.

The Karachi Research Chair, seeks to play a leading role in increasing
knowledge and awareness about the social, cultural and economic issues in the city of Karachi. The Chair will accomplish this by conducting extensive research and by developing partnerships at the public and private levels in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and dissemination of research to bridge the gap between identification and application of solutions to the city’s problems. The looming threats of rural urban migration, growing demand on limited resources, climate change, and deteriorating law and order in the city have made it vital that all efforts be made to identify practical solutions for these issues. The methods and issues pursued by the Chair will also provide a nucleus for training a cadre of researchers from our country’s graduate students and produce a body of research of a quality commensurate with those of other research centers around the world.

Research Focus

  • Demographics
  • Rural-Urban Migration
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Urban-Development
  • Media
  • Culture and Ethnicity
  • Civil Administration

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